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Canelo Alvarez Media Day: Big Bear, California



Welcome to my new blog!! I look forward to sharing some of my sessions & events I cover.  I’ve been fortunate enough to do some pretty cool things lately. Tomorrow is the mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Canelo Alvarez. I went down to Southern California for a couple of shoots, meetings and covered the media day Canelo held in Big Bear for Getty Images.

Since I had a couple of portraits sessions too, I packed nearly ALL my lights in my car before heading down to LA. For Canelo’s media however, I packed pretty light because I have to work by myself, with a limited amount of time & space with ALL the press present. A bus for the media was provided to take everyone to Big Bear and I only took my camera bag & few lights which all fit in two bags.

It was pretty cool to finally meet Elie Seckbach. If you following boxing, you know who Elie is. He’s EVERYWHERE pretty much covering every boxing event. He’s also a great person & is very personable. It’s easy to see why he can get access to nearly any athlete/gym around. We got to talk for bit & I also had a chance to show him some of my work on the bus ride which actually became pretty exciting. On the way to Big Bear the bus broke down like six times! So the driver had to pull over a handful of times. ALL good though. We made it to Big Bear and the bus breaking down made it for a pretty exciting trip that otherwise probably would have been pretty boring. Ha!

The location we were headed to was actually Sugar Shane Mosley’s home in Big Bear that has it’s own boxing gym. Once we arrived there was already a handful of media waiting for Canelo to arrive.

Canelo is greeted by Jack Mosley (Sugar Shane’s Dad) before entering the boxing gym.

Once Canelo arrived he was pretty much surrounded by media the entire time. It’s insane how some of these athletes can remained focused and humble with all the attention to turned to them. Specially someone like Canelo whose only 23 years old! I’ve been around a lot of boxers and the amount of pressure on them is pretty intense before big fights.

Sugar Shane was present and the media had an interest in interviewing to ask him for his opinion. Sugar Shane has actually fought both Canelo Alvarez & Floyd Mayweather.

The Golden Boy himself was there too! Oscar De La Hoya answered questions from the media and was present to watch the media day unfold.Here you can see the amount of media on Canelo!Canelo seemed very focused, relaxed and took it all in stride. After answering questions from everyone, it was finally time for him to get all workout. He stretched out first and than got his hands wrapped as the media surrounded every single inch of the boxing ring. After working the ring, Canelo then headed to the punching bag. It’s quite a scene to watch ALL the media move from place to another in a tiny gym and follow one person. Once he got the bag, he started putting in work.When he finished a couple of rounds of hitting the punching bag. He headed back to the ring to cool down with some sit-ups.As he finished his workout, someone from Canelo’s team threw a Gatorade towel over him. With that, his media workout was pretty much finished. He still had to do a few video interviews afterwards but no more working out (at least for the media).

It was great seeing the SHOWTIME crew who was also present filming ALL ACCESS for the fight. I know a couple of people from their crew and from SHOWTIME back when they covered Andre Ward. It was nice seeing Derek Barbanti again. You can see him below interviewing Oscar De La Hoya. I gotta tip my hat to him and the entire crew. They work crazy hours and always keep a great attitude. Hard working people who are nice is always a win/win in my book.

The fight is tomorrow! It was great seeing and being able to cover Canelo. Who are you picking to win and be “THE ONE”?

Rosalinda Mercado-Garza - September 25, 2013 - 5:27 am

Nice work! The pictures and captions were excellent.

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